Pet First Animal Hospital

2212 53 Avenue East
Bradenton, FL 34203


Terms and Conditions


1.)  A new client refers to someone who has never been to Pet First Animal Hospital for an appointment, or someone who has not had an appointment here for three or more years. 

2.)  A new client refers to the person, not their dog or cat.

3.) In order for the referral to qualify for a prize in the Referral Rewards Program, the new client who was referred to us needs to bring their pet in for an exam with Dr. Taylor.

4.) We have the right to refuse any client any of the Referral Rewards Program prizes if we feel that the program is being abused or manipulated.

5.) The person who is referring can earn up to 12 rewards in a 12 month period, starting with the date of the first appointment that has been completed by the person you have referred.

6.) The Referral Rewards Program is effective August 11, 2016.  Any referrals prior to that date will not be included in the program.